Sunday, April 25, 2021

Back after a LOOOOONG Hiatus with a PSA

So it's been three plus years and a lot has happened. A lot. So much that it'll take me a very long time to actually put bits of it out, if I do at all. Again, it's been a lot. But basically it comes down to this - trying to write again. I've been deliberating over the entirety of the pandemic about how to start up my journaling process. Whether to write my thoughts down in notebooks, because I do tend to hoard them, or start up a blog again.


I've blogged on and off for a long while and although I don't have the visceral need for other people to see my words as a beacon or even material to sit and think on, I realized that sometime it's nice to get a bit of feedback. I both give and get that on social media, Facebook mostly these days, but there's something different about having the space to write down a stream of consciousness without people just scrolling right past because it's too lengthy to read or takes up enough room that it clutters their feed. 

Plus the act of journaling is mindful. It's good for you, even cathartic. Blogging, to me, is one step up. It causes me to think, to examine, to gauge whether what I want to say makes sense and is worth putting out there in the off-chance that someone else might read it. In a private journal I can rant and scream and write a kill list for everyone that's pissed me off in one horrible day. But if I write a blog post, I order it and make sense of it hopefully before I hit publish and come across like a raving lunatic.

I've even come up with some catchy blog names but then I seem to go back to my roots and my old blog and why would I want to start completely over when I have all the formatting and everything already set up?

So if you're still reading after all these years, thank you! You, my friend, have a shit-ton of patience. And if you're new here, then welcome! You're in for a bumpy ride with lot of rants and an equal amount of cursing. A lot of different topics and some of them full of angst and aggravation, rage and hair-pulling, a bit of the mundane and a lot of 'how the hell did this all happen'?


Anyway, if you're in the Austin area, I just found out about Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday.  I guess that's a thing. I have no idea if this is just for local residents because we've been getting the shit kicked out of us this year by the February freeze where everyone lost power and water for several days up to several weeks, or by the hail the size of large golf balls that came down last week because why the hell not, Austin! So check it out or find out of your local area has a weekend to pick up necessities in case hell freezes over like it did for us.

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