Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet Me

Hi, I'm Jenine. I'm wife and partner-in-crime to a wonderful husband of 19 years. I'm a stay-at-home mom of two girls. We homeschool our daughters and since I'm the one at home during the day, I guess that would make me the primary educator in the family.

In between educating our girls, playing domestic engineer, putting out fires, preparing meals, being chauffeur, herder of cats, building my home-based business, and acting as a bandage dispersal unit; I try very hard to maintain my sanity.  Some days are more successful than others.

I'm a a crafting enthusiast, a yogi who's a little rusty, a novice hooper , a damned good cook, and I can make a mean Tres leches. 

I try to instill the importance of natural and organic foods, environment friendly household cleaners, reducing our carbon footprint on our earth, and the preservation of nature to my girls. I've transitioned from store bought cleaners to chemical-free ones that either I make myself or ones that I can buy but feel good about. I have made my own pH balanced soaps and hope to start that back up soon. 

My blog is a place that I often ramble about the current day-to-day shenanigans of my life.  Frequent topics are kids, parenting, natural alternatives, opinions, rants, essential oils, my health, crafting, and stupid stuff that goes on in our world.  

My current obsession is card-making.  I've always loved the look of homemade cards and have followed a lot of card and paper crafters for a while.  Since I decided to try my hand at making my own cards, I've fallen in love with the craft to the detriment of all of my other crafting hobbies.

I've struggled with hypothyroidism for practically my entire life and I've been tweaking a real food lifestyle, to try to increase my energy level, support my digestion, and uplift my overall well-being. I'm a firm believer in both science and nature's ability to heal and have found a wonderful combination of the two in therapeutic quality essential oils to supplement and support my health (you can get there here). I'm also tinkering with nutritional supplements to fine tune what my body needs. I am excited for the prospect of trying out acupuncture to see if it will do things that my prescription medications have not been able to do.   

Our kitchen often has various experiments going on at any given time that my fantastic husband has turned a blind eye to and hasn't complained about - yet.  I've dabbled in making my both my own milk and water kefir and have made my own kombucha with some varying success.  In addition, I've been trying to introduce fermented foods to our table for digestion support.  I'm also continuing to experiment with both homemade regular and gluten-free breads, with the emphasis on gluten-free breads that taste like they could be otherwise.

We are a critter friendly home and currently keep in the company of three dogs, three cats, and two ferrets.  I would love to adopt ALL THE CRITTERS, but the household opinion (not mine!) is that we have quite enough pets, thankyouverymuch.

Other words to describe me: computer junkie, brutally honest, opinionated, gamer, LGBTQ and equal rights supporter, sarcastic nature, dreamer, forever a student of life and observer of human nature, advocate of the underdog, frequent insomniac, and night owl.  Oh and I love the color blue - specifically somewhere between an ultramarine and a deep cobalt.

I'd love to keep in touch!

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