Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Stressed Up and No Place to Go

So why is it that one minute I can be absolutely fine, and the very next I am so stressed out that my heart is racing and I feel close to the edge. The ridiculous part is it's usually the very tiny things that do it. Why?

It's the 'why' that gets me. The not knowing what actually does the pushing. So I begin a quiet contemplation. Meditation, if you will. Quiet here is relative considering I have two noisy children in the other room that keep getting louder and louder. I breathe in. I breath out. Nice, long, deep breaths. My heart is still racing but I am calmer. I am able to think.

Epiphany. I think one of the reasons I accelerate from zero to 60 in the space of a heartbeat is the feeling of being caught in the middle. When I'm talking to someone and my children run up to me to demand ask for a refill of their drink cup; I am caught in the middle between my kids and the person on the phone. When my husband is on the phone and the kids are being noisy he asks me to keep them quiet. Therefore, I'm caught in the middle between the kids and the huz.

In a five minute period of time, I've been asked twice to keep the kids quiet, told the kids no fewer than five times to be quieter, been told once by my 6 year old that she's hungry and wants a sandwich, been informed once by my 8 year old that she thinks the cat has urinated on the sofa - all while I've been writing this post. Busy much?

Now that I've figured out a piece of the puzzle, I'll have to set about working out some possible solutions.

Any advice?

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