Friday, March 4, 2016


Hello, my name is Jenine, and I want to welcome you to the blog/journal/and inner-workings of my thought processes.

Just to get all the standard, introductory stuff out of the way, I'm a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom of three beautiful girls.  In addition to many different types of crafting, I love cooking, playing on the computer, am an avid reader, could do without so much cleaning, and would love to have more hours in the day.  I'd prefer those hours to be tacked on at night as I am definitely not a morning person. Although my oldest girl is living up north with a family of her own; with the support and help of my wonderful husband, our two youngest girls are homeschooled.  So yes, this basically means that I'm with our kids 24/7 on most days.  We even have our girls' godparents living with us, so that makes four adults and two children in our household.  In addition, we have three dogs, three cats, and two ferrets.  Some folks might find this mind-boggling and a bit chaotic.  Honestly though, we wouldn't have it any other way.

I've been blogging since 2002 (has it really been 14 years?) since the birth of our 13 year old.  I started a blog to keep in contact with our family as we all were scattered all across the country.  My blog has since gone through several iterations over the years and for those people that have stuck with me that long, well they're as nutty as I am or they're really loyal friends - or both!  They know who they are.

I've recently subscribed to a web page hosting service for my site ( at YLDist and they have their own blogging system attached.  So this means that my blogging is going to be over here now and brand spanking new - which is very exciting because both the website and blog have all sorts of bells and whistles and shiny things to play with.!  It's also good because it's a new beginning; and with that new beginning, I hope to be blogging more often.  The content of which will be a healthy spattering of food, family, wellness, rants, raves, and random thoughts.  I might even throw in my grocery list if that happens to be what's inspiring me at the moment.  Who knows?

So thank you for reading all that and thanks for visiting me. :)

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