Friday, June 24, 2011

World Femininity Day

So just how cool is this!?! I had absolutely no idea that there even was such a day as World Femininity Day.

From the site:
To acknowledge and celebrate femininity by women, for women, for humanity. We believe it is vitally important as women to be encouraged to feel powerful through our femininity as opposed to matching or competing with masculine ways of being to achieve power in our lives whether that be socially, in relationships, family or career.
We believe that the more women feel connected to and inspired by their femininity in all cultures across the world the harder it will be to exploit women. We are standing for a world where it is safe to be feminine.
We are saying YES to women worldwide feeling fabulous, being fully self expressed and loving their lives.
We are saying NO to the exploitation of women and children; this year’s event is about raising awareness of WFD. The 2012 event will be raising money for charities committed to ending exploitation of women and children across the world.

I'm a little late to the party here because the day of celebration is TODAY, June 24th. However, I truly believe that every day we can celebrate our femininity. It's just nice that there is a day and festivities surrounding such a glorious idea.

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  1. Well goodness, that makes two of us!! I had no idea there was a day like this either, but I wish I knew ahead of time so I could have celebrated it!

    Like you said though, everyday is a celebration :D


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